231125 — Luise

Exci­ted to have Lui­se at krakelee club!

Hai­ling from Han­no­ver, Lui­se is a stand­out DJ and elec­tro­nic music pro­du­cer deep­ly influen­ced by House and Deep Music. From an ear­ly age, her expo­sure to the gen­re for­ged a strong con­nec­tion, which was later reco­gni­zed by the Paris-based label Sky­lax Records. Her distinc­ti­ve sound, ampli­fied by her pas­si­on for vinyl, reso­na­tes with the heart of the dancer and the core rhythm of the groo­ve. Octo­ber 2023 will see her debut vinyl releases on „I’M IN LOVE RECORDS“ and Sky­lax Records, show­ca­sing her uni­que abili­ty to encap­su­la­te emo­ti­ons in her elec­tro­nic compositions.

Insta­gram: @luyse_luise

krakelee club
Satur­day Nov 25, 23:00