231125 — Sandilé

We can’t wait to final­ly see @sandile_music at krakelee club!

Sandilé’s rela­ti­onship with music star­ted with seve­ral years on the pia­no and drums in her youth. After some time away from music, she even­tual­ly recon­nec­ted with instru­ments through com­mu­ni­ty lear­ning and quick­ly star­ted pro­du­cing as well.

The Colo­gne-based DJ has sin­ce been very pro­li­fic with releases, col­la­bo­ra­ti­ons on various labels and inde­pen­dent self releases on Band­camp. Her alter egos »DJ G€LD« and »🅉« allow San­dilé to unleash her crea­ti­vi­ty across a broad spec­trum of gen­res from tech­no to alter­na­ti­ve pop, through to UK gara­ge, jungle and deep house. An inten­se love of music, explo­ring rhyth­ms and pushing boun­da­ries are at the heart of Sandilé’s works as she makes her mark in the music world with, in her own words, »not­hing to pro­ve, just want to groove«.

krakelee club
Satur­day Nov 25, 23:00