Praq­ma is an elec­tro­nic music pro­du­cer and DJ who blends ele­ments of house and tech­no into a tem­po­ra­ry uto­pia to escape the imper­fec­tion of the world. His style is best descri­bed as ambi­ent or mini­mal kdub tech­no, while his sets mean­der bet­ween the ten­si­on of ske­wed and bro­ken mono­t­o­ny and the reli­ef of deep and sphe­ri­cal shifts.

Praq­ma has been DJing for 15 years, main­ly in Colo­gne clubs and at unof­fi­ci­al raves, and only star­ted per­forming live in 2024.

📸 @ana_varholla


I call it »Aggro Yoga« – trip­py, boun­cy, colourful, expe­ri­men­tal. Expect the unex­pec­ted, some­whe­re bet­ween Glo­bal Bass, Tech­no, House and Bass Music.

📸 @sophia_katharina_regner


krakelee club @odonien
07.06., 23:00
tickets via link in bio